Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review and Giveaway: Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson


Out less than three weeks, Broken Pieces already hit the Paid Top 10 list on Women’s Studies!
Welcome to bestselling author Rachel Thompson’s newest nonfiction work! Vastly different in tone from her previous essay collections A Walk In The Snark and The Mancode: ExposedBROKEN PIECES is a collection of pieces inspired by one woman’s life: love, loss, abuse, trust, grief, and ultimately, love again.
This is NOT a humor book! It IS a book about relationships, a study of women, a book with heart.Want to see why people love it? Why they call it ‘riveting, powerful, insightful?’
Read it and see why Broken Pieces is tearing up the lists for Nonfiction, Women’s Studies, and books for women!
My review: There are not many things more terrifying than exposing your emotions for everyone to see. Consider how much energy we expend hiding our true feelings from others, sometimes even from ourselves. Every time I even think about writing something personal on one of my blogs, I hyperventilate and get heart palpitations. (I wish I were exaggerating.) So I greatly admire anyone who puts themselves on display on any scale, but especially in a book. Because really? Maybe 50 people will read my blog post. Hundreds or even thousands of readers will read this book.

So my hat's off to Rachel Thompson, because not only did she pour out her heart in this book, but she then told people she had done it. If you've read Rachel's previous books, A Walk in the Snark and The Mancode: Exposed, you might be expecting light-hearted, snarky humor, but you won't find that in Broken Pieces. Covering topics such as child-molestation, date rape, and suicide, Broken Pieces rips off the blinders that we usually wear about these issues. These essays and poems are all personal to Rachel, but they will touch the broken pieces inside every reader.

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About the book:
Title: Broken Pieces
Author: Rachel Thompson
Release date: Dec 19, 2012
Pages: 113
Where I got the book: I "bought" it on an Amazon free day

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Lorca Damon said...

I've been following the traffic on Broken Pieces and am so proud of you for getting your story out there, painful though it might be. This is what it means to be an author who can step out of her comfort zone (snarky humor) and let readers in for just a minute. Congrats!

Unknown said...

i did it... hehe... thanks for the giveaway chance, I rechecked all those gfc follow, to be the first to finish the rc !!!!

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