So, I got tired of worrying about the content of the books I read and review. My main blog, Living, Learning, and Loving Life, is part personal blog and part book-blog and basically features YA books and Christian books. Which is fine. I've chosen to keep that blog a family-friendly, sex-free zone. But I get requests for a lot of books that I'd love to read and review that do have sex scenes: romance, thrillers, chick-lit, mysteries...whatever. I love to read and I do read almost anything. There will no erotica reviews here, but it definitely won't be sex-free.

I currently have more books than I can handle so I am not accepting new books at this time for either blog. When I'm ready to accept new books, I'll put up a page with my review policy and a submission form.

About Me
  • I’m a homeschooling mom of two boys, ages 10 and 4.
  • I’m addicted to reading.
  • I’m a little snarky, with a weird sense of humor, so if you read something and think, “Was that supposed to be funny?” the answer is probably yes. Everything is funnier in my head.
About the blog
  • I’m an affiliate of many online book sellers (including Amazon) and a few other sites or services I think are relevant to this blog and my audience. All links to book retailers are affiliate links. (Links to publisher sites are not, unless noted.)  I don’t write posts for the sole purpose of posting affiliate links, and I will always identify my affiliate relationships in my posts. (If they’re not already noted here.)
  • This blog is book-related items only. Reviews, giveaways, book news, etc. All personal rants, kid-stories, and miscelaneous posts will continue to reside on Living, Learning, and Loving Life.
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