Saturday, July 16, 2016

Silent Slaughter (Thriller) by C.E. Lawrence in the #BigBookGiveaway

I’m excited to be participating in the #BigBookGiveaway organized by Donna at Girl Who Reads! Donna has collected more than 20 paperback books from authors and publishers and you have the opportunity to win a box full! With a wide variety of authors and genres, you’ll find a new favorite, and if all else fails, you have gifts for upcoming events. 😉 (Sorry, international friends. Because of shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to those with a U.S. shipping address.)

If YA is more your style, I'm featuring Concealed by RJ Crayton over on Living, Learning, and Loving Life.

Silent Slaughter (Lee Campbell Book 4)

He chooses his tools with precision. Stalks his victims with cold efficiency. Plans his attack using mathematical logic. And now he is ready to play…

When the killer’s first letter arrives at the station, NYPD profiler Lee Campbell suspects the writer is daring him to match wits with a dangerous—and brilliant—criminal mind. But once this "Alleyway Strangler" starts leaving specially targeted messages with each surgically carved corpse, Campbell realizes it’s not just personal. It’s perfectly calculated—to destroy him…

Praise for the riveting thrillers of C. E. Lawrence
"Criminally compelling…Lawrence nails you to your seat."—Gayle Lynds
"Dark and atmospheric…unnerving."—Steven James
"Startlingly suspenseful…an extraordinary page-turner."—Cody Mcfadyen
"An intense psychological ride." —J. T. Ellison

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