Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Shorts: Life in Death

Sunday Shorts is a fun and unique meme. The rules are easy, a short story, an anthology of short stories, a novella, or a quick weekend read that is also short on your wallet! Yes, I know it's not Sunday. It's still short and it's still fun.

This week we're having a read-along of Life in Death by Harlow Drake. See how to join us and how to win a copy of the book and other prizes over at The Cabin Goddess.

Book Description
When a girl that social worker Kari Marchant places in foster care is brutally murdered, she’s compelled to learn why. Her quest for the truth pits her against friends and coworkers. As Kari works to solve the horrific plot, more people die. How far should she go to learn the truth—even if it threatens her life?

When homicide detective Rance Nicolet meets Kari, his attraction to her is powerful—and the feeling is mutual. But things between them go terribly wrong when Kari’s old lover is found murdered with a letter from her in his pocket. The evidence against Kari is damning. Rance’s personal and professional lives collide. Does he blindly believe the woman he’s falling in love with or follow the evidence no matter where it leads?

My review of Life in Death
I think this author has a great future, but I don't think it's in novellas. It's very hard to tell a story in less than 100 pages without leaving out critical information or making readers feel as if they were cheated. Life in Death has the potential to be a great thriller, but there were too many things that didn't make sense because the author was trying to rush the story. I think this is supposed to be the first in a series, but there still shouldn't be huge chunks of story missing. I would love to see this as a full-length novel. I can't say much more about this book without giving away the story, but you might want to keep an eye open for future work from Harlow Drake. She's an author worth watching. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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